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    how to remove a rat

    Ardy Twin2

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    how to remove a rat  Empty how to remove a rat

    Post  Ardy Twin2 on Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:42 pm

    A lot of people have no clue what a RAT is or what is does. Basically, if you run a java plugin or applet from a unknown site, there is a good chance you have just been added to someone's slave list. When you are on someone's slave list, they can control your computer. Anything from shutting down programs to logging every single key you type (this is how they get your password). What type of shit you want to avoid:
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    Now if you happen to be a fucking retard and actually run it what you want to do is go to your start menu and type in "msconfig" in the search bar and hit enter:
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    A window will pop up and you want to go to the "Startup" tab:
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    Now you want to look for something that either says "Java" or "Java TM" or "Xfire", they will most likely have an unknown author but either way neither of these is required for start up of your computer, so even if it is the real Java you run Runescape and private servers with it will start when needed, it doesn't need to be started when your computer turns on. As for Xfire, that is always for sure a RAT. You want to uncheck any of these like I have done:
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    Now you can also remove the ENTIRE rat by scrolling over the Command column (the thing with C:\Users\youruserher​​e) finding the location, going to it, and deleting the file, although this is not necessary because basically RAT's are programmed to run on startup so as soon as your computer is on, your on that persons slave list. But if you uncheck it from the Startup tab, that means it will not run on startup meaning the RAT with never run unless you manually run it. It is always smart to remove the entire virus however just to be safe.

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