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    Post  pope1 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:45 am

    Combat level: 138
    Attack Level: 99
    Strength Level: 99
    Range Level: 99
    Defense Level: 99
    Constitution Level: 99
    Prayer Level: 99
    Summoning Level: 96
    Herblore Level: 99
    Dungeoneering Level: 97
    Agility Level: 90
    Total Level: 2350

    What weapon do you have?: rapier maul cxbow
    Do you have extremes? (required): obvs
    Do you have at least TWO of the following? Overloads, Turmoil, or Chaotic Weaponry? (required): obviously
    How did you find out about us?: idk
    Do you understand that you’re a trial member for the first 2-3 weeks?: sure
    Will you attend mandatory anticrashes and PvM wars?: yea prob
    Do you have experience at nex?: yea ofc
    Do you understand that certain gear is required to participate in events?: derp
    Do you understand that Zamorakian Spear and Dragon Claws are required at all times?:ye
    Have you read all of the rules?:idk

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