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    Snoopy's Apply

    Mrs Snoopy
    Mrs Snoopy

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    Snoopy's Apply Empty Snoopy's Apply

    Post  Mrs Snoopy on Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:08 am

    (¸.•´ (¸.•Members Application

    Do not apply If You don't have Extremes TWO of the following: either Turmoil, Chaotics, Overloads.

    Combat level: 137
    Attack Level:99
    Strength Level:99
    Range Level:87, but working on it with chinchompa's Wink
    Defense Level:99
    Constitution Level:99
    Prayer Level:96
    Summoning Level:92
    Herblore Level:99
    Dungeoneering Level:81 ( i know it's bad :$)
    Agility Level:93
    Total Level:2340

    What weapon do you have?:
    Do you have extremes? (required): My Herblore level is 99, ofc I have extremes Very Happy
    Do you have at least TWO of the following? Overloads, Turmoil, or Chaotic Weaponry? (required): 99 Herb -> ovl, 96 Pray -> turm, Chaotic Rapier. Since my interest in Dung is 0 :$
    How did you find out about us?: I am looking for a pvm clan to hunt bosses with and have a nice time
    Do you understand that you’re a trial member for the first 2-3 weeks?: Yes, I understand.
    Will you attend mandatory anticrashes and PvM wars?: If it's necessary and if they need me, they can count on me.
    Do you have experience at nex?: No, since I don't have a Chaotic Crossbow.
    Do you understand that certain gear is required to participate in events?: Sure..
    Do you understand that Zamorakian Spear and Dragon Claws are required at all times?: Yes.
    Have you read all of the rules?: Yes.

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    Snoopy's Apply Empty Re: Snoopy's Apply

    Post  Mxseanmx on Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:55 pm

    ˜*¤•›„¸¸„‹•¤*˜*¤•›„¸¸„‹•¤*˜*¤•Acceptance Letter •¤*˜*¤•›„¸¸„‹•¤*˜*¤•›„¸ ¸„‹•¤*˜

    Hello, your application has been reviewed and you have been accepted!
    Upon reading this, you should join our clan chat called “Archmageddon” as a guest.

    To do this, click on the yellow clan chat tab in-game and click on the green dot in the bottom right of the screen and enter the clan chat name. Next, please message an admin or higher and ask them for an invitation to the clan. You will be ranked as a corporeal and become a trials member.

    To become a full member of the clan, you must fully complete your trials period. To do this, you must be active on forums and in-game and regularly post your attendances. Once you have been in the clan for your 2-3 week period, the leaders of the clan will rank you up. If you feel that you have been overlooked and it has been more than a month, give one of us a pm.

    Good luck on drops and we hope you enjoy your time in the clan.

    ˜*¤•›„¸¸„‹•¤*˜*¤•›„¸¸„‹•¤*˜*¤•The Staff of Archmageddon•¤*˜*¤•›„¸¸„‹•¤*˜*

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