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    Mxseanmx's Complete Nex Guide (Guide to Billions)


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    Mxseanmx's Complete Nex Guide (Guide to Billions) Empty Mxseanmx's Complete Nex Guide (Guide to Billions)

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    About this Guide:

    As many of my friends and clanmates know, I have accumulated a vast knowledge of pvm bosses, including nex. I would like to bring my knowledge to you so that you may make billions at nex just as I did.

    This guide will attempt to cover every single aspect about nex. It will include information about nexing in a mass, large team, medium team, small team, gear upgrades, and things that will help experienced nexers be more efficient. If it isn't in this guide, please post and ask about it and I will try to include it in the guide. This guide is designed to cover EVERY aspect of nex. I have seen very few guides that are actually legitimate nex guides and I would like to fix this.

    So without any more long intro paragraphs, I will get started with the guide Very Happy


    This guide will start with the importance of requirements that you will need in order start nexing. I will rank them in terms of importance. Nex does have some hefty requirements, so for this reason, I will try to sort through all of the garbage to help you focus on what you actually need to get started.

    Stat Requirements

    90 Range (Absolutely Required)
    95 Range (Required)
    99 Range (Strongly Recommended)

    95 Attack, Strength, and Defence (Required)
    99 Attack, Strength, and Defence (Strongly Recommended)

    90 Magic (Absolutely Required)
    95 Magic (Strongly Recommended)
    99 Magic (Recomended)

    88 Summoning (Absolutely Required)
    96 Summoning (Strongly Recommended)

    High Dungeoneering
    Chaotic Crossbow(Absolutely Required)
    Rigour (Absolutely Required)
    Eagle Eye Kiteshield (Strongly Recommended)

    Gear Requirements:

    Pernix Cowl > Armadyl Helmet
    Ava's Alerter > Ava's Accumulator
    Amulet of Fury
    Diamond (e) and Ruby (e) bolts
    Chaotic Crossbow + Dragon Claws + Staff of Light (optional)
    Pernix Body > Armadyl Chestplate
    Divine > Elysian> Eagle Eye Kiteshield > Spectral
    Pernix Chaps > Armadyl Chainskirt
    Goliath Gloves > Barrows Gloves
    Glaiven Boots > Ranger Boots
    Onyx Ring (i) > Dragonstone Ring (i) > Diamond Ring (i) > Archer's Ring

    For experienced Nexers only:

    Warrior Helm > Fighter Hat
    Fire Cape
    Steadfast Boots


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    Mxseanmx's Complete Nex Guide (Guide to Billions) Empty Re: Mxseanmx's Complete Nex Guide (Guide to Billions)

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